About Boca Billing Services

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Is This You?


Does your practice waste valuable time

and resources on medical billing

and patient accounting? 


Do you find it impossible to keep up with changes in the industry and good medical billing practices?


Did you know that oursourcing your mental health billing and collections can save you thousands of dollars in fixed costs each year?


We work diligently to turn around your claims within 24 hours of service.  Through our technology, we collect and post payments electronically, allowing you to receive your payments faster.

Benefits of Boca Billing Services




Increase Profits -

Our services allow you and your office staff to focus on patient care, without the time-consuming hassle and distractions of medical billing.  This reduces costly errors.


Lower Overhead -

We take the place of costly front-office staff by assisting with patient accounting, appeals for rejected/denied claims and better record keeping.


Increased Cash Flow -

Most providers average more than 75 days in accounts receivable.  We consistently reduce this number for our clients, allowing you to receive payments faster!